I am…

Welcome, adventurers!

I’m not sure how exactly you’ve arrived here, but I hope you’ll enjoy it and feel comfortable and have fun as well as learn something useful.

Generally I’m a shy girl and I don’t like talking about myself – there’s just nothing interesting to share and I don’t want to make anyone bored. However, since I moved to live in a small village in the country, I realized that my experience may be useful for other girls (and boys) who have decided to change their lives for good by moving from the noisy, crowded city to the peaceful countryside.

So, if you’re wondering who I am, here is some info about me.

My name is Theodora and after living my whole life (just 30 years actually) in different cities, including 10 years in the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia and constant nostalgic thoughts and memories from the summer vacations in the country when I was a child, at last I had the chance to move and actually live where I want – in the countryside far, far from the big city.

And the countryside I moved to is not just any remote village but the “dying” Northwestern Bulgaria – a depopulated area constantly left behind by its inhabitants. It’s remote and there are thousands of abandoned houses and yards. However, I’ll have a more detailed post about this area because despite all the inconveniences and current issues, this country is amazing and full of all kinds of treasures – such of nature, history, people. Let’s just say this place is not for everyone and if you come here for a week or two it may feel like a real adventure. If you decide to stay you’ll have to deal with many unexpected situations but it’s totally worth it!

Well, let’s not distract – this is my page so I have to tell you something about myself. Something personal I don’t usually share with people I don’t know…but I hope we’ll get to know each other!

I love nature, animals and I’m trying very hard to like people, too, but that has been the hardest thing so far. However, there are many people I love and I’m grateful that I’ve met them! Thank you, Universe!

I love to believe that I can change the world and make it funnier, more cheerful, more colorful and more natural.

I love being busy all the time and I usually end up busy with thousands of unfinished projects. Sooner or later I finish them…

I love taking pictures but I don’t like showing my personal life to anyone out there in social networks. That’s boring and useless.

I have ever dreamt of living a life in the country – a small house, a big garden and a horse. that’s my dream. I want to grow my food alone, I want to produce something and stop being only a consumer. I want to plant many trees! For the moment I’m planting just tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, peas…

Everything grown with love is sweet and I love the feeling of making a salad with vegetables we have grown alone in our garden. My husband and I.

I love learning new words from the local dialects; I love listening to the stories of people’s lives, to laugh with them and learn from them. I love listening to local legends about buried treasures, caves, full of gold coins and curses. I settle down when I’m watching the birds and listening to birds’ songs; when I’m wandering around the River Ogosta and when I’m with my dog and I can take pictures of the beautiful landscapes.

Along with my husband, the snake (corn snake) Matsa, the dog Hera and the rabbits (Tsveti, Milena, Ana, Joana…) and the garden with all the vegetables we manage to grow, we live here and start every day with a smile and a walk around the village. I love my entire colorful family – all the plants, trees, animals and humans!

These are few of the things I love. But they are millions. Unlike the things I don’t love that are very few. In fact, I can summarize all the things I don’t like in a single word and it’s the word “No”. I don’t like the negative attitude and I don’t like hearing that something is impossible.

And because I don’t like ending this paragraph with a “No”, I’ll just explain why I don’t get along with the “No” – I just love to love! I love to try something before I reject it. And that’s the beginning of my adventure in the countryside! You are welcome to walk with me and we can learn and have fun together!