When I arrived in the village in Northwest Bulgaria where my husband had started working as an agronomist a few months ago, I didn’t have a garden. We had to live in an apartment provided by the company and there was just a small terrace where I could only grow cherry tomatoes in flower pots.

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We started looking for a garden to use and tend. However, even though more than 50% of all houses and gardens in the village are abandoned, we couldn’t find anyone to allow us to cultivate their abandoned yards. It was frustrating and we couldn’t understand why people decided to leave their land unattended and still don’t want someone else to take care of it properly.

Things changed in the beginning of the summer when we met an elderly lady called granny Mitka. She lives in the village with her husband and is a very helpful and cheerful lady. She allowed us to take care of a part of a yard located just across the street from our residence. That’s how we acquired a garden and a place where we could put some rabbits, a dog and grow all the flowers and vegetables we want and need.

Granny Mitka is a wonderful person and we are so grateful that we met her! She has been very helpful since we met and gives us valuable gardening and farming tips.

However, if you move to the countryside in Bulgaria and want to have a garden, even a house but you are not sure that you’re going to stay there so you don’t want to buy or rent the property, you can try and search in this Facebook group for people who own abandoned houses all over Bulgaria and are willing to provide their properties without rent. Good luck, adventurers!

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