Knit, knit, knit!


Knit, knit, knit

Baby knits for beginners and winter in the country

Gardening is perfect for summer in the country, but what do we do in the winter? The days are so short and it’s so cold, that all you want is to stay inside, watch movies, drink tea and milk…and some wine, and just wait until it’s spring again!

OK, but I’m really not the waiting type of a country girl. And I needed something to do in these never-ending winter days. So, I decided to start knitting!

My grand-mothers are so good at knitting, but my mom has knit just a blouse in her life, so she has never taught me to knit. And when I used to be a child and spent time at my grand-mothers’, I usually preferred being out in the sun and in the wild than staying at home doing such “girly” things like knitting.

Now, however, it’s the perfect time to discover knitting as a great hobby. Not only because I’m stuck at home because of the temperatures and snow outside, but because I’m also 7 months pregnant and it’s incredible to learn how to make some beautiful knit clothes for my baby all by myself!

I tried to find a “teacher” somewhere near, but all my neighbors were so busy or so impatient to teach me, that I just found some beginners’ video lessons online and started teaching myself! And since then, I’ve already knit some great (well, maybe not perfect, but I’m a beginner, don’t forget that!) baby garments!

I’m expecting a boy in March, and perhaps he won’t wear most of these clothes till next winter, but I’m still excited that his “first wardrobe” will be of homemade warm and unique clothes! Most of the yarns I use are in green, blue and white, but I’d love to see these patterns in the colors you like, so share with me!

Here is the gallery with the baby clothes I’ve knit so far and some links for the tutorials if some of you would like to knit the patterns.

Baby cardigan /peacoat/- easy knitting pattern

Link to video tutorial for the cardigan

Baby hat easy knit

Video tutorial for this easy baby hat

Easy knit “cookie” baby booties

Link to video tutorial for the “cookie” booties

Cool knit baby sweater
Easy knit baby aviator hat

Link to video tutorial for aviator hat

Easy knit baby booties

Link to video tutorial for baby booties/socks

Have a great time and don’t hesitate to ask and comment! 🙂