Homemade spinach pie

How to make a perfect homemade spinach pie? It’s tasty and healthy at the same time and we all know how much energy our bodies need in the spring!

Do you remember Popeye the sailor man? He was so strong because he was eating spinach all the time! But if don’t want to eat your spinach directly from the can, there’s a better and more delicious way to get your spinach vitamins – the spinach pie!


As I’ve mentioned many times before, I’m a fan of homemade food and homegrown vegetables. My family loves spinach and even though there is a lot of dock in our garden (The docks and sorrels, genus Rumex L., are a genus of about 200 species of annual, biennial and perennial herbs in the buckwheat family Polygonaceae. In Bulgaria we often use dock instead of spinach), we decided to plant some real spinach. We planted the seeds directly in the garden in late October and covered them with nylon during the cold winter months. In the spring the plants are already big and healthy and ready for picking! I picked up about a kilo of spinach leaves just from three-four plants. And I’m perfectly sure that there’s nothing poisonous – no pesticides, nothing but some rabbit manure. The spinach requires significant amount of water so if you seed it, be careful and don’t forget to water it every other day. Of course, if there’s rain – it does your job!

Now, how the wonderful spinach pie is made?

You need the following ingredients:

For the dough: 1,5 kg flour, 1 liter warm water, yeast, 4-5 tablespoons sunflower oil, 1 ts salt, 2 ts sugar

Make smooth and soft dough from these ingredients, divide the dough in 8 and leave the “balls” somewhere warm for 30 minutes until they double their size.

Meanwhile, prepare the filling out of: 1 kilo spinach, 1/2 kilo white brine cheese, 8 eggs, 200 g yogurt.

Pour boiling water over the spinach, rinse it fast in cold water in order to keep its green color. Mix the eggs, the cheese and the yogurt and stir. When the mixture has become smooth, add the spinach and stir again.


Roll out each ball of dough until you get a pancake-thin piece. Then put some sunflower oil, some of the filling and roll it so that the filling remains inside. Then put the pastry on a baking tray. Repeat this with all the dough pieces.

Bake the pie in preheated oven at 200 degrees until the crust becomes brown. You can put some butter and sesame on top.

Enjoy it with yogurt, lemonade or whatever you prefer! 🙂 It’s a great breakfast but also wonderful for spring picnics by the river! 🙂






Magic Violets Jelly Making / Магическо желе от Виолетки

Magic Violets Jelly Making / Магическо желе от Виолетки

Violets are magical flowers! Their scent is so sweet and fragile that it takes your breath away! This year there were so many violets around the garden and in the school yard (the school in the village I live in has been abandoned) so I couldn’t help it – I had to make this magic violets jelly I’d dreamt so many times before!

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have so many violets, you can alter the ratios in this recipe and make a very small jar of violets jelly – just to add a spring touch and delicate scent to your ice cream or muffins!

Now, here is how you make magic violets jelly:


Violets (just the blossom, without the green parts), about 50 grams
Hot water – about 300 ml
Fresh lemon juice – 3 teaspoons
Pectin or Dr. Oetker’s Gelfix
Sugar – about 300 grams

It’s very easy, you can see in the video above each step from the preparation of the violets jelly. You need to pour the hot water over the violets, cover with foil and leave for an hour. Then, rinse the flower petals, you will use only the liquid. The liquid is blue. Put the lemon juice in it and stir – you’ll see how it’s turning purple – violet. Read the instructions on the pectin or Gelfix you are using – it’s usually put in the cool liquid with a spoon of sugar, then it’s boiled for 3-5 minutes while the rest of the sugar is added. When the sugar dissolves completely your jelly should be ready! You can preserve the violets jelly for the winter in glass jars – just fill them with the hot jelly, close the jars and turn them upside-down. Enjoy the color and the delicate aroma of this magic violets sweet jelly!

Виолетките или дивите теменужки, както ги наричаме, са магически цветя! Цветът им, уханието им – всичко около тях е обвито в мистерия и ароматна, опияняваща мъгла. Тази година за пръв път видях толкова много виолетки на едно място – цъфнаха из цялата ни градина, особено около оградата, както и в двора на изоставеното училище. За пръв път имах възможност да сбъдна една своя мечта – да направя магическо желе от виолетки! Магическо го наричам аз, заради удивителната трансформация на цвета, която можете да видите във видеото по-горе.

Можете да изпробвате тази рецепта, виолетките все още цъфтят! Не е нужно да правите желето с толкова много цвят, можете да промените пропорциите на останалите съставки според количеството на виолетките!

Необходими продукти:

Виолетки – около 50 грама

Гореща вода – 300 мл

Прясно изстискан лимонов сок – 3 чаени лъжици

Пектин или Гелфикс на Др. Йоткер

Захар – около 300 грама

Заливате виолетките с горещата вода, покривате с фолио и оставяте един час. След това прецеждате – ще ви трябва само течността. Тя е синя. Добавете лимоновия сок и ще видите как се случва магията – синята течност става лилава! Вижте инструкциите за използване на пектина или Гелфикса, обикновено вършат работа около 2 супени лъжици, смесени с толкова захар, които се слагат в студената лилава течност и се разбъркват. После течността се слага на котлона и се кипва на бавен огън, като постепенно се добавя останалата захар. Вари се около 5 минути. Можете да отстраните пяната ако искате да изглежда още по-елегантно! След това наливате в бурканчета, затваряте и обръщате с капачката надолу, докато изстинат. Магическото желе от виолетки е готово!